Meet the Cast of A MAN OF NO IMPORTANCE – Emily Burden is Mrs. Curtain

emily burdenWhat is your role in this production? I play Mrs.Curtin. She is a mother of nine who somehow finds the time to be the choreographer for the St. Imelda’s players. She used to be a child star and hasn’t quite grasped the idea that used to be is the key point. I love her enthusiasm and her dedication to being a lifelong performer.

What is your background in theatre? At Walterdale? I am a graduate from Grant MacEwan University’s Theatre Arts program. I started performing as a dancer and these days I mostly do stand-up comedy. I took a hiatus after theatre school much like Mrs.Curtin except instead of having 9 children I got a nursing degree. This is my third musical in the past 2 years, and my first production with the Walterdale theatre.

What brought you out for this production? I was told about the show by the musical director and when I listened to the cast recording I fell in love with the music. I am Irish as my Grandmother was born just outside of Belfast and I loved the play within a play aspect to the show.

What is the most thing about this show?  The most challenging? The most fun thing about being in this show is getting to play Mrs.Curtin. She is very funny and most of the time has no idea what is going on around her. I can relate to this. I think the most challenging aspect to the show are all the transitions! The first song is 7 minutes long and we make multiple scene transitions throughout. Hopefully by opening night I’ll know which verse to sing. *fingers crossed

Got any crazy bus stories? When I was a student I got kicked off a bus for having an unbeknownst to me expired bus transfer. I had a typical empty student wallet and it still makes me laugh when I think about it. Too bad I didn’t have someone friendly like Mr. Byrne to help me out that day.

Why do you think audiences should come out for this show? I think people should come to this show because it is a very beautiful story, told through beautiful music. I love all the random characters involved from all walks of life with one common goal; to put on a show. Also we have a wonderful cast and crew!

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