Meet the cast of A MAN OF NO IMPORTANCE – Gerald Mason plays James Michael O’Shea aka “Baldy”

gerald masonWhat is your role in this production? I play James Michael O’Shea or “Baldy”.  He has been around the theatre since it started as the stage manager. He has seen a lot of shows and many actors, some of which he can’t stand, as you will find out.
What is your background in theatre?  At Walterdale? I have been involved with many different theatre all my life.  It has been my hobby since I was little. I started with Walterdale Theatre in the early 80’s and have been involved with many shows through out the years. It has become one of my cherished  families. Gerald most recently appeared on Walterdale’s stage earlier this season in Jeffrey.
What brought you out for this show? I was going to take a break, but someone managed to talk me in to coming out for auditions. The rest is history.
What has been the best thing about working on this production?  The most challenging? One of the greatest things about this production is that I have met some wonderful people. It is a great cast. I suppose that the most challenging part  about the play is learning the Irish Accent.
Got any crazy bus or community theatre stories? Riding a bus or community theatre is a play in itself.  Someone should write a play called, “On The Bus To Rehearsal”.
What do you think people should come see this show? People should come out a see what everyday people and situations are like.  You will know someone in your life from all the actors in our show.
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