Meet the Cast of A MAN OF NO IMPORTANCE – Michael Tkachuk is Father Kenny and Carson

michael tkWhat is your role in this production? I play the roles of Father Kenny and Carson. What is similar about both of my roles is that neither character has a clue about the protagonist Alfie Byrne! One is religious and the other is not but they both are unhelpful to our hero!

What is your background in theatre? With Walterdale? This is my first time with Walterdale. I have not been on stage for over ten years. I used to be a part of the Black Gold Society in Leduc back in the day. I have done numerous productions both as an actor and director/producer.
What brought you out for A Man of No Importance? Why did you want to be a part of this show? I wanted to rediscover my passion for this craft and I spoke to my friend Andy who suggested the Walterdale as the premiere destination to start.
What has been the most fun thing about doing this show? The most challenging? The most fun thing has been the cast! they are a lively bunch and the direction we have been receiving has been top notch! I feel privileged to be a part of such an excellent team. The most challenging has been the dancing 🙂
Two things strike me about this show – bus rides and community theatre – got any crazy bus ride adventures? What about crazy community theatre stories? My friend and I used to talk loudly enough on the bus so that others could hear and we would have conversations that would pique the interest of riders around us.  One such conversation was about putting our pet away and that the other thought the other was going to do it. WE would then share about all the unbelievable things that happened the last time we didn’t put him away. In the end before we got off the bus we let it slip that our pet was an ape. It was hilarious to get off the bus and see peoples reactions.
Why do you think audiences should come to this show? It’s a great story with a talented cast and the music really kicks. I think anyone who comes will be moved!

You can find out more about Michael at his blog:

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