Meet the Cast of A MAN OF NO IMPORTANCE – Glen Warren is Sully O’Hara

glen warrenWhat is your role in/on this production?  I play Sully O’Hara.  This is Sully’s first time in a play, so he doesn’t know much about how a production is put together.  He tries to be one of the troupe but his inexperience shows.

What is your background in theatre? With Walterdale?  This is my first play with the Walterdale.  I saw the audition notice on the website and decided to give it a shot.   I’ve been out of the theatre world for over twenty years, so, like Sully, I’m a bit green.  I’ve done theatre in high school and was in a few theatre competitions.  I currently sing with my church choir.

What brought you out for A MAN OF NO IMPORTANCE? I tried out for it because the brief seemed very interesting.  I did a bit of research and was interested in the story and the journey that Alfie goes through.

What has been the most fun thing about doing this show? The Most challenging? The most fun thing about doing the show is all the group numbers.  It’s great to hear all the wonderful harmonies and seeing all the characters coming alive.  The most challenging is also the group numbers!  There’s singing, choreography and staging.  Hard to keep track of everything in the beginning, but Lauren, our director, is great and very patient.  When things click into place it’s very rewarding.

Two things strike me about this show – bus rides and community theatre – got any crazy bus ride adventures? What about crazy community theatre stories? I did a show while I was in high school about a man who thought he was a werewolf.  One scene I sneak up behind my wife who is cleaning dishes.  She is having no of this and proceeds to knee me in the stomach and hit me over the head with a frying pan.   We rehearsed this scene many times, making the fight look realistic.  Opening night we do the scene and I sneak up behind her, and she turns and actually knees me in the stomach.  Of course I let out a yelp, but go on with the scene.  After the show she was so apologetic.  I just had a little bruise afterwards.  What we do for theatre.

Why do you think audiences should come to this show? The show is about down to earth people just wanting to be part of something bigger.  They’re a small community theatre troupe and they all want to put on the best show they can to tell the story of Alfie.  I think audiences will connect with them.  Plus there’s some great numbers, and a little bit of something for everyone.  


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