Meet the Cast of Jesus Master Builder – Michael Gordon plays Jesus

What is your role in this production? I play Jesus in this production. He is quite a sneaky guy this Jesus. The best way I could describe him would be a man child who uses the allure of his holiness to be and do what he wants. It’s been a blast getting to play him. I whine a lot in real life so it only makes sense to get to play a character who does a lot of that as well.

What is your background in theatre?  My background in Theater is completely comprised of the improv that I do. I am part of an improv group named Go4Broke and we perform at fringe every year so I get lots of stage time there. In terms of Walterdale this is my first foray there. I am having a great time though, it’s a beautiful Theater!

What brought you out for this show? Actually it was my girlfriend who first turned me onto the auditions. I was skeptical but had been looking to get into scripted work so this play came at the perfect time.

Got any good building stories? Oh, when it comes to building things I really am as useless as you can possibly get. I think the coolest thing I ever built was a ramp for me and my friends to take our bikes off of. I was quite proud of that ramp, I built it out of a few pieces of wood I “found” at an old construction site. Needless to say it broke after the third person went off it. To my credit though there were no hospitals visits because of my construction, I am still quite proud thinking back.

What do you think audiences will take away from this show?  A belly full of laughter and a great time. It’s theatre, be entertained!!

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