Meet the Cast of Jesus Master Builder – Kirk Starkie is Joseph

kirk starkieWho do you play in this production? I play Joseph, the long suffering (earthly) father of Jesus. I desperately want Jesus to take over the family carpentry and home building business but I have to finally acknowledge that his heavenly father has other plans for him. I am torn between loving my son and being angry with him over his decision to follow a spiritual path.

What is your background in theatre? I took a few drama classes at the U of A and acted in some directing students scenes/plays. I have also attended the Foote Theatre School at the Citadel was in a Fringe play many years ago. This is my second show at the Walterdale. I played the Reverend Winemiller in Summer and Smoke in 2013.

What brought you out for this show? I really enjoyed my Summer and Smoke experience and have gone to a few auditions since then. Most of my previous roles have been in dramatic productions so it is nice to do a comedy for a change.

Got any good building stories? I’m not really a handy kind of guy, but I did recently put together a BBQ (with no parts leftover). It hasn’t blown up yet so I must have done something right!

What do you hope audiences will take away from this show? I hope audiences will take away a few smiles.

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