Archive | May, 2015

Meet the Cast and Team of A MAN OF NO IMPORTANCE – up on our stage in July 2015

After a delightful couple of days of auditioning, the cast for A Man of No Importance was arrived at.  Already hard at work, they officially move into the theatre this week! Once again, we are pleased to have a cast of new and familiar Walterdale members! CAST LIST: Alison Babichuk – Bystander/Customer/Ensemble Sarah Baete – Mrs. […]

Meet the Playwright: We Talk to Mark Allan Greene about Jesus Master Builder: A Divine Comedy

What is Jesus Master Builder about? The Bible tells us that Jesus was a carpenter. That’s it. End of storyline. How unsatisfying! There are so many unanswered questions. What did he build? Was he good at it? When did he ever find the time? Jesus Master Builder takes over that story where the Bible left off, and […]

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