Meet the Team of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Adam Kuss is the Director

1382376_576424159090180_1862532107_nWhat is your role on this production? I am the director of  Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

What is your background in theatre? I am a local actor, director, choreographer and the current AD at Walterdale.

What drew you to this project? This play has been in my life since I first read it in theatre school and I’ve always been fascinated by its nuisances, it’s intricacies, it’s fury and it’s unapologetic bravery. A play of this scale is a directors dream and a play for audiences. It’s conversational, fast, funny, yes really funny, and human. These are true life struggles and I think it’s an actors dream (and maybe nightmare) to embody these characters. I learn from the bravery and talent I see on stage every day. It’s very moving.

Got any ‘party-gone-wrong’ stories? My party gone wrong story involves lots of dancing, some mittens, rundle park and a hurry to the washroom (although it wasn’t me). But I’ve had a fun onstage party that involved throwing a seltzer bottle on stage directed by Brian Deedrick. It was a loaded bottle and super fun.

Any last comments for the readers? Come see our story!

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