Meet the Cast of Jeffrey – Morgan Refshauge, male ensemble!

163278_10150111925355992_7171360_nWhat is your role in Jeffrey? I play 8 of the male ensemble roles. All of which are very different, and it would take too long to describe them all.

What is your background with Walterdale? This is my second show at Walterdale.

What do you think this show offers to Edmonton audiences? I think Jeffrey offers Edmonton audiences a raw, and brutally honest idea of what living with HIV in the 90s was like, because of the fear and stigma attached to it. It also gives a hopeful look on living with HIV, and has many heart warming scenes, as well as more than a few laughs.

What did you enjoy the most about working on this show? For me, the most fun thing about the show is the cast. they’re just such a fun and talented group, I (almost ) always look forward to rehearsal.

What is the most challenging thing? I’d have to say the most challenging thing has to be playing 8 characters. It’s a lot of costume changes!

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