Meet the Cast of Jeffrey – Sean MacKinnon is Jeffrey!

shawn mackinnonWhat is your role in Jeffrey? I am playing the lead role: Jeffrey Calloway. He is an independent, stubborn, self proclaimed natural optimist (I’ll let you decide for yourselves), and an avid sex enthusiast. He makes the decision to become celibate due to very hard times within his community. However, he eventually ends up meeting the man of his dreams! But there’s a twist…

What is your background in theatre?  I have been acting in school plays for fifteen years now. I started acting in community theatre two years ago when I was studying Theatre at the University of Victoria. I moved back to Edmonton to continue my studies in Theatre at the University of Alberta. This is my very first time stepping foot on an Edmontonian stage and my first time performing at the Walterdale!
Why did you audition for Jeffrey? When I first read the synopsis I was drawn to the entire idea of the play. To it’s need of throwing specific facts into people’s faces. When I read the play awhile back I was immediately drawn to Jeffrey. I have a personal connection to the character, his views, his wants, and his needs.
What do you think audiences will get from this play? I have always loved the kind of theatre that would throw social facts in people’s faces. To force the audience to see things, hear things, experience things that they might not necessarily want. But it’s something that happens on a daily basis and something that needs to be said. That’s exactly what Jeffrey does. It’s a beautifully written piece and talks about very real things that happen in the gay community. Of course a lot of it is over-dramatized but the ideas are still very clear. I think that’s something that the Edmonton audience needs to experience, and something they haven’t necessarily seen before.
What is the most enjoyable thing about working on this show? As stated before, the cast is the absolute best! It’s such a relief to get to go to work and just have a ball. I’m not talking about just the actors specifically, but the stage crew are fantastic and everyone has such a humour to them as well. The ideas that have been thrown around blows my mind at the creativity we have as a whole!
What is the most challenging thing? The most challenging thing I would have to say is witnessing the struggles that the LGBTQ community has gone through in the past. I’m so grateful to have learned so much. But at the same time, it’s so hard as an actor, to put myself through those situations as the character. As a gay man myself, I truly empathize what this community as had to go through. I’m very happy that we could portray these struggles in a more light-hearted and humorist side.

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