Meet the Cast of Jeffrey – Trevor Talbott is in the ensemble

What is your role in this production?  I am a member of the ensemble and have nine different roles in this production.  Nine different roles involves a lot of quick costume changes and different voices and mannerisms for each character.  It also involves a different mindset for whomever I am playing.  I play nine different characters so there is too much to describe.  However, Father Dan is the biggest character and the most fun.  He is a man who is living a publicly repressed life, but who is bursting to be free behind closed doors.

What is your background in theatre?  I am a lover of live theatre and a Drama Major at the University of Alberta, in the Bachelor of Arts Program.  I most recently appeared in PostmorteMe, Headshotm with East of Sixty Productions.  A regular patron of Walterdale productions, this is my first play working with them.

Why did you audition for Jeffrey? I came out to audition for Jeffrey because the audition night was the one night I had off from the previous production I was in and it seemed like a sign.  I liked the fact that the play was set in the 1990’s, which I remember fondly from my childhood.  I also liked the fact that Jeffrey is a classic gay play, done on Broadway and turned into a movie, both of which were performed by many well known actors.

What do you think a play like Jeffrey offers to an audience?  The play Jeffrey offers a human, emotional, and hilarious peek into the lives of gay men during both the 1990’s and the HIV/AIDS crisis.  It offers the audience the chance to experience the lives of the characters without thinking about them as being gay, but simply as human beings dealing with struggles, the way human beings do.  It is a chance for Edmonton audiences to push aside prejudices and accept others regardless of their sexual orientation.  If successful, the play will not be seen as a gay love story, but rather a love story that just happens to be between two men.  It also gives Edmonton audiences a chance to laugh at a serious subject and to just go with the silliness, and flamboyant nature that is Jeffrey.

What is the most fun/enjoyable thing about working on this show? The cast is a riot to work with.  With the level of sexual humour in the show, the mindset of most involved in the production has regressed to that of Junior Highschool!  This makes for a lot of silly fun and laughs every minute.  They are a great group of warm, accepting individuals.  I love going to rehearsals and look forward to them everyday, never seeing them as work, but only as fun.

What is the most challenging thing about working on this show? Having to play nine different characters and trying to make each one unique.  Also, trying to cast aside all inhibitions in order to take part in some of the risqué behavior that goes on in this production.

I would like to thank my friends and family for their unwavering support for me during this production.

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