Meet the Team of AND THEN, THE LIGHTS WENT OUT – Aldon Brewer, Sound Designer

What is your role on this production? I am the sound designer for And Then The Lights Went Out which for this show involves recording what a bucket of water filling sounds like and toilets flushing. (Glamorous, I know!) I also have the honor of selecting music to suit the show which has me listening to a lot of “Crime Jazz” lately. Snazzy!10370781_10152377473098157_1159705742_n

What is your background in theatre? At Walterdale? My theatre resume has a huge gap in it! I started out in junior high and high school drama classes and helped found a youth theatre troupe called Multi Youth Productions in Stony Plain. After high school I made my way into the music business as a performer and have only recently been swayed back into the theatre world thanks to my friends at Walterdale. My first Walterdale experience was sound design for Blithe Spirit and I am once again hooked on the magic of the stage.

Favourite Film Noir or Film Noir Trope? I love the music that always accompanies film noir. “Crime Jazz” is the typical score for most detective pulp fiction stories with composers like Mancini, Elmer Bernstein and Ray Anthony churning out seedy saxophone solos along with blasting drumbeats and the sounds of the “street”.

Write your best ‘And then,…’ sentence:
“He could feel his life force ebbing from his body as his blood pooled beneath him, he hadn’t heard the gunshot over the sound of the music in the club and then…the band played on.”

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