Meet the Cast of AND THEN, THE LIGHTS WENT OUT – Curtis Knecht is Duke Morrison

10469052_10152522839445853_2118985918972431204_oWhat is your role in this production? I play the role of Duke Morrison. Owner/Operator of Morrison Freight and all wrong scoundrel. Duke is one of the characters in novel that Thomas is currently writing.

What is your background in theatre? At Walterdale?  I’ve been involved in theatre most of my life. I also have conducting and directing. I was last involved at the Walterdale as director of last season’s Blythe Spirit.

What is your favorite Film Noir? My favourite film noir is the Maltese Falcon. I am a HUGE fan of the old radio programs from the Golden Age of radio and I think the film really captures the mood and style.

Write your best “And then,” sentence:

Bob was slowly reaching for his Tim Horton’s coffee mug that was leaning suspiciously against the nuclear arsenal emergency launch lever. He was momentarily distracted by a dancing bear and grasped what he thought was his Tim Horton’s mug of delicious coffee (not the dark roast). And then… the lights went out.

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