Ages of the Moon – Canadian Premiere at the 2014 Edm. Intl. Fringe

Ages of the Moon by Sam Shepard at the 2014 Edmonton International Fringe Festival

Ages of the Moon 428Venue #1: Westbury

Show dates:
Thursday, August 14, 11:45 pm
Friday, August 15, 4:45 pm
Tuesday, August 19, 2:15 pm
Wednesday, August 20, 9:15 pm
Friday, August 22, 6:15 pm
Saturday, August 23, 12:15 pm

Ames: David Wolkowski (Starless, Apocalypse Saskatchewan, Sinbad)
Byron: Bill Roberts (The Misanthrope, Apocalypse Saskatchewan, Burning Vision)

Director: Giorgia Severini
Stage Manager: Sarah Valois
Assistant Stage Manager: Lori Wolkowski
Set Designer/Builder: Pierre Valois

Ages of the Moon, by master American playwright Sam Shepard, features two old friends, now past middle age, entering the sunset of their lives. Ames has invited Byron, his loyal friend of over fifty years, to his country house to sympathize with his latest crisis. They reflect—or struggle to recall—their lives over a bottle of Woodford Reserve bourbon on the night of the lunar eclipse. As the bourbon flows, secrets are spilled, tempers flare, and things are said that can never be taken back.

Ages of the Moon was first produced at the Abbey Theatre in Dublin, Ireland in 2009. The play has received subsequent productions in the United States. We are proud to be mounting the first Canadian production of Shepard’s haunting and hilarious script.

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