Introducing the Cast of And Then the Lights Went Out

And Then The Lights Went OutAnd Then the Lights Went Out
By Andy Garland
Directed by David Johnston

On Stage: October 15-25, 2014

Guns. Secrets. Lies. Cigarettes. Sexy dames. Hulking henchmen. Smugglers. Assassins. More guns. Death. Life. More secrets. More lies. …Guns again? Sexier dames? Rain! Tension! Atmosphere! Cops. Corrupt cops. Corrupter cops. Alcohol, oh yeah, plenty of alcohol. Erm…guns? How long has it been since we did guns?

Thomas Levine has been reconstituting these ingredients for six increasingly pedantic noir detective novels… and the seventh is due in the morning. Desperate, he reaches out to the only people who still care about his pulpish dreck: the characters themselves, who have more than a few qualms about the corners they’ve been written into.

And Then the Lights Went Out is a thrilling saga of dames, deceit, and writer’s block.

Cast of Characters

Jim O’Reiley: Kyle Lahti
Claire Valcourt: Erika Conway
Bruno Dawes: Chance Heck
Lucy DeBrie: Mandy Stewart
Duke Morrison: Curtis Knecht
Thomas Levine: John Evans
Adelle Berger: Erin Forwick-Whalley
Nia Sloan: Jennifer Peebles

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