Meet the Team of Jennie’s Story – Richard Hatfield is Lighting Designer

1010063_10151990206177289_2095819466_nWhat is your role on this production? I am the Lighting Designer for this production. I hope to take the work that Alex and the rest of the team has done and compliment it with lighting that supports their work.

What is your background in theatre? I have been working shows at many local theatre companies since 1991.  I first saw a show at Walterdale in 1989 and fell in love with live  theatre. In 1991, Brad Melrose moved to the city and when he started working with Walterdale, he asked if I would like to help out. I dove at the opportunity. Since then, I have done every backstage task and have even been on stage once (not counting the 3 – 4 cameos since).

Tell us about the Walterdale experience? Walterdale has become my home away from home. This is primarily because I love the environment and the people that make up Walterdale. Together, it feels like a huge family, of course, we have the pain in the butt kids too. 😉 Without my Walterdale family, I think I would go  stark raving mad (many say I have anyway).

Why should people come see Jennie’s Story? How is it relevant today? This show is such a good story about consequences and how they can impact a community. The author has used the sterilization of Jennie as a mechanism to portray the story in such a powerful way that I fell in love with the show. This show is relevant in that it effectively shows that one person’s actions directly impacts the lives around them. In this show, a guilt based choice by one person cascades into a situation that is amazingly difficult.

This play is called Jennie’s Story… If there was a Richard Hatfield’s Story, what would it be about? Oh boy… mine would probably be a snoozer about a computer geek who was always doing theatre shows. It would most likely involve a lot of out-takes from the productions that I work. I think the portions of the shows the audience does not see are often as entertaining as the show itself. I would want Phil Kreisel and Kristen Finlay to co-write it. Together, they would be able to make it a slapstick comedy that would make you cry and cheer!

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