Meet the Cast of Starless – Carter Hockley is Paul (the boy)

carter picWhat is your role in this production? My role is Paul (the boy).  I am a boy who befriends Ralph who seems helpless, and a bit like my Grandfather.  I want to help Ralph on his quest to find the love of his life Mary.  Paul is a sensitive boy who cares that Ralph does not get taken advantage of.  I am alone often as my Mother works two jobs to support us.

What brought you to Walterdale? What brought you to this show in particular? This is my first time at the Walterdale.  I was in a play at the LaCite Theatre.  A cast member recommended this play to me for the role of Paul.

What is your background in theatre? I have played “Nathan” the son of Jerry Lukowski in The Full Monty.  I have also been in school productions of Alice in Wonderland and Momma Mia.

Since the play is called Starless – please share a story involving stars – Twinkle, twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are.  Up above the world so high, like a diamond in the ski.  Please be sure shine on us down low, so we can make this quite a show!!
What’s next for you after Starless? To continue to grow as an Actor and to develop skills in many more future Productions.

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