Meet Mark Anderako, Ralph in STARLESS – Up next on Walterdale’s Stage!

MarkAnderako1What is your role on this production? I play Ralph, a homeless man, who’s in poor health and a perpetually foul mood. Ralph’s a raging ball of contradiction, a anti-zen master with a harsh world view, at once angry about his plight but proud of his ability to survive. The character operates at a frenetic internal pace and is one of the most challenging roles I’ve ever performed.

What is your background in theatre? As an actor for 35 years, I’ve appeared in dozens of stage, TV and film productions. Notable roles of late include turns on Hell On Wheels, Heartland and a recurring 14-episode role on Blackstone.

What brought you to Walterdale? It had been a while since my last stage “fix”, so when I saw the audition notice for this role I knew I was right for, I jumped at the chance. This is my second role in a play at the Walterdale, the first playing the Grave Digger/Player King in Hamlet 5 years ago.

 Since the play is called Starless – please share a story involving stars… I‘m reminded of when I was age 10 at a summer camp north of Prince Alberta, Saskatchewan – bear country! I had gone fishing at midnight and was walking the few km back to camp, reeking with the smell of fish and gazing at the bright stars in the clear country night sky. Looking back on that now, I think it could have been an awesome way to go!

 What’s next for you after Starless? Not sure what’s around the next bend, but will look to the stars for guidance. Meanwhile, life goes on… fingers crossed!   

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