Meet Jim Bruce, Production Manager for Starless, up next at Walterdale!

SONY DIGITAL CAMERAWhat is your role on this production?  I am the Production Manager.  In involves coordinating all of the departments, and making sure staffing and other concerns are addresses.  Specifically the production manager packages information for the program, arranges for complimentary tickets, and assures that the needs of the production week are met and end of production duties are carried out.

What brought you to Walterdale? I moved to Edmonton in the summer of 2013 after retiring from my college position in BC.

What is your background in theatre?  I have been active in amateur theatre in Salmon Arm, BC, Outlook and Saskatoon, SK, and Merritt, BC.  Mainly I have acted, but more recently done some direction and production work. Also wrote a play about this history of Merritt, BC.

Since the play is called Starless – please share a story involving stars… I always liked the Dr. Seuss story about the “Star Bellied Sneeches.” which demonstrates that stars are best left for the sky.  People who self-identify as stars are headed for a crisis are headed for a dark night of the ego.  We are all better off getting along whatever our particular roles and duties may be.

What’s next for you after Starless? I would like to try other helping roles, perhaps act if the right opportunity comes along.  I have a desire to write another play and for that reason witnessing the Starless experience close-up is a help in itself.

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