Meet Dave Wolkowski – The Constable and Landlord in STARLESS

dave wolkowskiMy roles in Starless are as the Constable and the Landlord. The biggest challenge in playing two roles is to get the audience to suspend their belief that only one person is portraying these two roles. This can be done with voice, posture and of course costume. Although I have been busy with a number of film projects and ‘one acts’ over the last few years, it has been over 5 years since I was last in a full length production (Sinbad the Sailor) at Walterdale. It was for this reason that I auditioned for Starless. It is great fun being back on the Walterdale stage working with new cast members on this brand new work.

Following this run of Starless, I am looking forward to the release of the feature length thriller Rock Paper Dice Enter. The film is being released in theatres across Canada on June 06. In it, I play a lead role of the police chief. Apart from that, I will be going into rehearsal for a new production for this years Edmonton Fringe Festival. This will be year three for me in a Fringe show. I always enjoy the experience and it is especially nice to catch up with friends and fellows thespians in the beer tent. I hope to see many of you over a pint or two! Who knows, if we hang I there long enough we can gaze up at the Stars over Walterdale.

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