Meet the Cast of A Funny Thing Happened… Athena Gordon is Panacea, the Courtesan

profile3What is your role in this Production?  I play Panacea, one of the Courtesans of the House of Lycus. This is a very different role for me – a dancing Courtesan? WHAT??? Panacea has “a face that holds a thousand promises, and a body that stands behind each promise.” – that’s a lot to live up to.  

What is your background in theatre? I have a BA in Drama (Studied Stage Management at the U of A). I did a number of shows between 1999 and 2001 here, and did some work with Horizon Players in 2007/2008. I was most recently a part of this season’s productions of Dracula (as the Maid) and Blithe Spirit (Assistant Director) here at Walterdale. After a long hiatus, this has been a very busy season for me!

What brought you out for this production? I was talking about the show with Adam on closing night for Dracula, and he was so excited about it that I decided to audition (despite my already busy show season). I had always wanted to do a musical (somehow it has never happened before now) and it sounded like it would not only be a lot of fun, but it would present me with some new challenges.

Why do you think audiences should come and see this show? Forum is hilarious. Not just funny in the “I’m going to quietly giggle to myself because that was amusing” kind of funny, but funny in the laugh-out-loud-so-hard-you-are-crying kind of way. In every rehearsal this amazing cast finds something new that has me dying with laughter. Please come see this show – you will not be disappointed!!

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