Meet the Cast of Blithe Spirit – Amanda Neufeld is Elvira

106_12738900553_1820_nWhat is your role in Blithe Spirit? I play Elvira Condomine, Charles Condomine’s first wife who dies 7 years earlier. I am a ghost! And I have come back due to a seance and set out to wreak a little havoc in the Condoimne’s lives.

What brought you out for this production? I came out to audition because I knew and had worked with director Curtis Knecht on 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (with the lovely Kristen Finlay as director), and knew he’d be a hoot to work with (he was). I’m a huge fan of the script and being in University I get a little antsy if I’m not involved in something artistic, so I was very pleased and excited when I got in!

What is your background in theatre? I graduated from the Grant MacEwan Theatre Arts program in 2008, and have been acting and directing ever since. I am also the Producer and Artistic Director of my own company Patient Mango Theatre, which has produced 3 Sterling nominated musicals at the Fringe which has been a lot of fun and a great experience. PMT has some upcoming projects, so look out for those!

What do you connect to the most about this play? I really enjoy the tension between Elvira, Ruth and Charles. I think the play says a lot about the nature of love and commitment, how one chink in the armour can cause the whole relationship to fall apart. It sounds bleak, but the show does a wonderful job of tempering relationship problems with the witty, biting humor that Coward is famous for, in a fantastical and hilarious situation.

Got any good ghost stories? I’m one of those “I want to believe” sorts. I don’t think I do, but I’ve had some unexplainable things happen in my life. However, though I’ve always had a healthy dose of skepticism, show me proof and I’ll happily turn believer! If anyones got a haunted house they need investigated, let me know, that’s a life-long ambition of mine! I should note though that I’m an absolute Coward… (see what I did there ;)

What do you like about a Noel Coward play? The dialogue, the relationships, the subtle tension, and the inevitable blow outs. Noel Coward does this so well and it’s a delight working out all the subtle nuances he’s worked into the characters and between the characters. Very fun.
What are you enjoying the most about this production experience? I’m loving the people, it’s a great group and the play works so well because we all just give ourselves over to the time and the situation and the personalities. Everyone just does such a great job, I’m learning a lot!


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