Meet the Team for Blithe Spirit – Allison Robinson, ASM

DSC_1795What is your role on this production? I am Assistant Stage Manager for this production of Blithe Spirit. My duties are to my Stage Manager, the lovely Kat Evans. I do whatever I can do to make her load lighter! This has included attending rehearsals and being on book for actors, tracking furniture and prop movement, coordinating with our props master and directorial team, and lastly, becoming a ghost in blacks to rule the backstage with our fabulous running crew.

Why did you come out for Blithe Spirit? Last Christmas I had the pleasure of working with Curtis on Oliver! (at Festival Place). He told me at the time that if I didn’t hate working with him, I might consider it again. Lo and behold, here I am! And I have been eagerly awaiting the opening of this fantastical play since I joined the production team last spring.

What is your background in Theatre? I always had a bit of stage fright, but I was determined to overcome it, so in 2008 I auditioned for a role in The Adventures of Robin Hood. When we started rehearsing on stage and the technical elements began to come into play I was amazed by the magic of it all! I decided then that I’d rather be a backstage wizard than an actor. I worked my way through the Technical Theatre program at Archbishop Jordan High School and am now currently a student in the Technical Theatre Production program at the University of Alberta. I have met many wonderful people through theatre, including the vast number of splendid folk at the Walterdale who welcomed me with open arms and have made my first show here memorable to say the least!

What do you most connect to about the play? I can admire tragedy, but I love a good comedy. Having been subjected to hours of Monty Python as a child, and even still, I can fully appreciate the British humor that plagues this show. I also find physic intuition and ghosty circumstances most intriguing!

Blithe Spirit involves ghost and psychics. Got any good ghost or psychic stories? I worked a psychic show back in the fall for Laura LaForce, a family friend. I was visiting a mutual friend who also claims to have some psychic intuition, when she approached me about the job. That night she and our friend gave me some insight regarding my future husband! Now, I won’t share what they said, but I have it written down and I will find out in a matter of years whether or not they were right!

What do you enjoy most about doing a Noel Coward play?  This is the first time I have read anything by Noel Coward. This play is incredibly fast paced and witty and I wouldn’t be opposed to looking at more of his works.

What are you enjoying the most about this production? I am grateful for the chance to work with such talented actors and skilled technicians. I have looked forward to every rehearsal and meeting, regardless of workload and stress level, and that’s thanks to the amazing people working on this show. Thank you for all the laughs! As Madame Arcati would say, “It’s been fascinating – from first to last – fascinating.”

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