Meet the Cast of Blithe Spirit – Kara Chamberlain is Edith

420823_10151200168941600_1801329283_nWho do you play in this production?  I am playing the role of Edith, the Condomine’s cockney maid. She is a bit quirky, quite incompetent at her job, and lots of fun.

Why did you come out for this show?  I auditioned for Blithe Spirit for two reasons: first, I wanted the chance to work with our director, Curtis Knecht, again (we previously worked together on The Threepenny Opera at Walterdale in 2011); second, I wanted the opportunity to work on a Noel Coward play.

What is your background in theatre? I graduated from the BA (Honors) Drama program at the U of A in June 2013, and since then have focused on gaining more experience in the Edmonton theatre community. My theatre experience includes my current project, Sapientia, directed by Mia Van Leeuwen at the Canoe Theatre Festival 2014. I also performed in Impurities (Cecilia) at the Edmonton International Fringe Festival 2013, Great Expectations (Miss Havisham) at the U of A 2013, Nine (Ensemble/Francesca) at Walterdale 2012, The Threepenny Opera (Polly Peachum) at Walterdale 2011, and St. Aggie’s ’84 (Dumaine) produced by the Scona Theatre Co. at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2010.

What are you enjoying most about working on this production?  I love the way Noel Coward wrote his dialogue. It is how I imagine myself conversing if I were at a very fancy party. I really enjoy the quick dialogue and witty banter in the play. It is fun to hear that kind of conversation. Sadly, Edith does not get to take part.

Got any ghost stories? My roommate and I are convinced that there is a ghost in our apartment. It manifests itself in the form of a fart you smell when no one else is home and you know you didn’t do it. Perhaps it is one of Madame Arcati’s ‘elementals’?

What are you having the most fun with?  I enjoy the comedic moments I get to play, and look forward to springing a few surprises on my cast mates each time I come to rehearsal. I am excited to hear how the audience responds to the production.

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