Meet Marsha Amanova, Ruth Condomine in Blithe Spirit

BCFF9C4D-47D0-4CD0-A8F4-67A2D16378C1What is your role in this production? I am playing Ruth Condomine, Charles’ second wife. Ruth is concerned with what others think. Appearances are important to her and she wants to be seen as being capable and in control. She can be judgemental, but she’s also got a good sense of humour. I was drawn to the character of Ruth because she experiences such a wide range of emotions throughout the play. As a woman who wants to maintain her composure and not be seen as emotional, it’s fun and challenging to portray her losing it.
Why did you come out for Blithe Spirit? I laughed aloud many times while reading the script and knew it would be a fun show to be involved in. Although the premise may be ridiculous, the characters experience the events in a realistic manner. It’s a very smart-silly play.
What is your background in Theatre? I’ve enjoyed performing since I was a kid and first got involved with Walterdale 10 years ago. I’ve acted in a number of Walterdale shows since then, and have grown to deeply appreciate working and playing with the dedicated members of this community. My belief in Walterdale prompted me to join the board of directors a few years ago and I currently serve as Vice President, but my first love is the stage!
Blithe Spirit involves ghost and psychics.  Got any good ghost or psychic stories? To be honest, I don’t believe in ghosts, but I do recall playing with a Ouija Board at a Walterdale closing night party in the quick change room behind the stage with a few of my fellow actors. This was years ago. I swear I didn’t move the planchette (pointer) myself, but it did have some interesting messages for us! Perhaps it was our resident ghost, Walter!
What do you enjoy most about doing a Noel Coward play? I love the dialogue! There is so much witty banter between the characters and it moves incredibly quickly. While learning all those lines is a major challenge, it’s so worth it when you nail it!

What are you enjoying the most about this production? I can’t quite describe how much fun this show is to perform. It’s been such a joy to work with our dedicated team! We have all connected and we have so much fun in rehearsal, I can only hope that the audience enjoys watching it as much as we have enjoyed putting it together!


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