Meet the Cast of Blithe Spirit – Martin Stout as Mr. Bradman

martin stoutWhat is your role in this production? Actor – Dr. George Bradman. He is a family doctor: intelligent and observant but also unimaginative and skeptical. More Watson than Holmes, I fear.

Why did you come out for Blithe Spirit? I had worked with Curtis at Walterdale in 2003 but haven’t acted since 2010. We met again when I bought a new mouthpiece for my daughter’s trumpet. He persuaded me to audition again.

What is your background in Theatre? Pinchwife in The Country Wife and Pedant in Taming of the Shrew at Walterdale. Numerous roles with, and former president of, Beaumont Drama Soc. including Koko in Mikado at the Winspear.

What do you most connect to about the play? I like the role of the sceptical voice of reason  and non-believer. I love the chance to pimp up my normal English accent.

Blithe Spirit involves ghost and psychics, any stories about that from your own life? My mother still credits me with a tarot reading in which I correctly forecast that my aunt would not marry her beau of 17 years. I have spent many nights in haunted places but have never seen a ghost.        

What do you enjoy most about doing a Noel Coward play? British wit and irony. It appears so frivolous and light-hearted, but I find more serious and darker themes beneath the surface.

What are you enjoying the most about this production? Being back on stage at Walterdale with a great cast and crew. Finding old friends and making new ones.

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