Meet the Cast of Proof – dale Wilson is Robert

PICT0008_editedWhat is your role in this production? Robert: I love this character. Robert is one of those intellectuals who are totally immersed in their professional identity.  He’s not a mathematician because he’s better at it than carpentry; he’s a mathematician not because it’s what he does but because it’s what he is.

Why did you come out for Proof? I came out for the auditions because I had seen the movie production of the show and was enthralled, when I found out it was a play I had to do the role.

What is your background in Theatre? At Walterdale? When there was an audition called, at Walterdale, for the female version of The Odd Couple in ’91, I went with my friend Mary – Anne to see what an audition was all about. That experience prompted me to audition for The Evening of One Acts that year and I landed the part of Gosforth in Gosforth’s Fete and the rest is history.

What do you most connect to about the play? The razor’s edge boundary between the normal and the insane has always held a macabre fascination for me and Robert offers me an opportunity to peer into a little slice of that land scape.

Proof is about Math to some degree, how are you at math?  Mathematics is not a subject I have any illusions about at all.  While basic math is within my wheelhouse I have, over the years, taken three separate runs at Calculus as a requisite for a career in Electronics Engineering.  I am a Construction Contractor, need I say more!?

What are you most looking forward to/enjoying the most about this production? I enjoy staging a character, finding out the things this character or that does at different moments in the action of the play and seeing how he responds to other characters.  Whether it’s Robert or Lear or Father Dewis, the figure I stand in for dictates who he is, if I’m paying attention I’ll get out of the way and let him be.  What I hope for in this production as with any is that I can present the audience with an entertaining, believable theatre experience and give the rest of this wonderful cast a character they want to be on stage with.

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