Meet Katelyn Arthurs, Assistant Director on Proof

525571_10151303147133722_1860376875_nWhat is your role on this production? I am the Assistant Director, which means I get to do what the lovely and talented Kristen Finlay tells me to do. At the same time, I get to work with a fabulous ensemble of actors and make sure the candy that we have at rehearsal is edible.

What brought you out for this show? I’ve always loved this show since I studied it in University. It was also a chance for me to be able to work on something offstage, since most of my experience at Walterdale has been onstage. It’s good to mix it up from time to time!

What is your background in theatre? I’ve had a pretty fierce love for performing from the time I was very little, and was heavily involved in community theatre growing up. I love the spirit of community that happens with Walterdale and that no job is too big or small for anyone. I’ve had the chance to play Cassie in Black Hearts in the Green Room, and was part of the chorus in The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. I also got the chance to do the fabulous 60’s makeup for Nine!

What do you most connect to about the play? I love that all the characters are so real. The script is also so well-written, you catch something new every time we go through it. It’s very smart.

Proof is about Math to some degree… How good are you at math? No comment…There’s a reason I’m a writer!

What are you most looking forward to? The chance to learn. I have always enjoyed working with Kristen both onstage and off and welcome the opportunity to learn from her incredible talent as a director. We are very lucky to have an amazing cast and crew who just keep coming up with amazing things. I’m really looking forward to seeing all the pieces fall into place.

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