Meet Eric Matheson-Jones – Props Master for Proof

What is your role on/in this production? I am Props Master, which means I am responsible for ensuring all the props used by the cast are20121129-P-20 obtained prior to opening, and any back-up are available if potentially needed. This is my first time as props master, and Proof is reasonable with the props list. I would like to thank Kristen Finlay and Joan Hawkins on showing me the ropes (and all the other props in the props room).

Why did you come out for Proof? For the past couple years I have been involved in other aspects of production at the Walterdale and expressed interest in being more involved. So when I was asked if I was interested in being Props Master, I said yes. The script and team are both great, and fun to work with.

What is your background in Theatre? At Walterdale? I have volunteered at Walterdale for two years, starting out at the coffee bar and front of house. I expressed interest in being involved in the production side and eventually got on to help with set building, painting, and ran the lights for Cradle to Stage 2012. Outside Walterdale I have produced two plays at the Edmonton Fringe (5 of a Kind in 2007 and The Question in 2012).

What do you most connect to about the play? The University Mathematicians (Robert and Hal). I have both Engineering and Education (Secondary Science & Mathematics) degrees, worked as a mathematics instructor at NAIT in fall 2012, and my best friend is a math geek, so I have observed and tangentially experienced the life of Robert and Hal.

Proof is about Math to some degree, how are you at math? I’m a mathematics substitute teacher. I have always had a logical mind, and been fairly good at math. In my engineering career I had to use the math related to how I can prove that 2+2=5. Is it sad* that I felt exhilarated when I came up with what I thought was a great trigonometry question for an exam I created while teaching math at NAIT?

* nope, not sad, kind of cool, actually!

What are you enjoying the most about this production? I’m enjoying working with a great, knowledgeable, fun, production team, working with some old acquaintances and new faces, and learning more about the production side of Walterdale

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