Meet Tanya Mirzayans – ASM for Proof – up next at Walterdale

Tanya_8x10What is your role on this production? I am Assistant Stage Manager. During performances, I will be backstage supporting the Stage Manager in the logistics of running the show. There’s a lot of variety to the role, which I find interesting. This is my first time as an ASM, and my first non-musical, so there has been a lot to learn, and I’ve really enjoyed it. I like the backstage experience; it’s the choreography that no one sees.

Why did you come out for Proof? I noticed that the production crew was looking for an ASM and I immediately got that little gremlin that says “you are going to sign up and you are going to be very busy over the next few months”. I was pleased and honoured to be welcomed aboard to work with this great cast and crew.

What is your background in Theatre? At Walterdale? I am relatively new to theatre, but it is addictive; you always want a show on the go once you start. My voice teacher encouraged me to audition for a musical. I took her advice, and my first involvement in theatre was to perform in the chorus for Jekyll and Hyde: The Musical (TOWTTB), followed by The Wizard of Oz (Festival Place). My backstage work has been exclusively at the Walterdale, first in The Threepenny Opera, then in Nine. Walterdale is a wonderful theatre community that is so open to newbies like myself, and consistently puts on high quality productions featuring local talent.

What do you most connect to about the play? Being an older sister, I see aspects of myself in Claire. I’ll try to tone it down, sis! But really, jojoba does wonders.

Proof is about Math to some degree, how are you at math?   I am a math geek, which was definitely a factor that drew me to this production. I actually cried a little bit when I finished my last math course in university – I’ll probably regret admitting that! Math is beautiful to me – there is always a right answer, and it has an innate truth and coherence about it – it is discovered, not invented.

What are you enjoying the most about this production? I’ve enjoyed working with people that I have had the pleasure of working with in the past, as well as meeting many new people that I have learned a lot from. The acting is really strong and I have enjoyed observing Kristen’s rehearsal process.

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