Meet Louise Large – Mina in Dracula!

 What is your role in Dracula? I am playing Mina Murray, fiancee to Jonathan Harker and best friend to Lucy.DSC_4328_work_border_hairWhat brought you out for Dracula? I had a wonderful experience playing director Darrell Portz’s insane wife inRumours (with St. Albert Theatre Troupe) so when he mentioned that he was going to be making his directorial debut with Walterdale doing Dracula I was excited about the idea of auditioning and working with him again. The role of Mina has so much complexity and is quite a shift from the roles I am typically cast in, so it was an intriguing idea to try and find the goodness in a character for a change.

What is your background in theatre? At Walterdale?
In 2012 I was cast in the Cradle to the Stage production of The Carrying by Jennifer Roberts, which was a great introduction to the Walterdale community.
Outside of Walterdale some credits include:
Defiance Theatre (Founder/Artistic Director)
Azimuth Theatre (Associate Artistic Producer)
Catalyst Theatre (Assistant to Jonathan Christenson, Nevermore)
Theatre Network (Punk Outreach Coordinator, Hard Core Logo: Live!)
Cowardly Kiss Theatre (actor in She Came From Planet X!, (Real) Gone (Girl), The Maids),
Poiema Productions (Director/Dramaturg, Middleton).
I am also a proud graduate of the Keyano College Visual & Performing Arts Theatre program in Fort McMurray.

Favorite Vampire movie/play other than this one, and why? I was a pretty big fan of the Anne Rice novels growing up, so I was always interested in the film adaptations of those books. Some great, some terrible!

Favorite Halloween Costume and why? I went to school as Elvira when I was about seven years old. At least in my head I looked like Elvira – in hindsight it was just a shiny black shirt of my mom’s with a white turtleneck underneath, a much-too-big black wig, and lots of costume jewelry and makeup. No one got it. I was too ahead of my time I guess!

What are you most looking forward to about this production? Having all of the emotional elements finally blend with the technical ones, and the final addition of an audience. So excited to share this with people!

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