Meet the Cast of Dracula – Justin Deveau as Jonathan Harker

What is your role on Dracula? I play Jonathan Harker.
What brought you out for Dracula? I am probably the tenth person to give this answer but I have been a fan of the novel since my school days and have read it several times. As a child I would stay up late to watch the old Universal horror pictures when they played them on TV. Also I have worked with Darrell a few times before and he was so excited about doing this show so I got excited about the show…like some sort of contagious excitement disease…of fun…
What is your background in theatre? At Walterdale? This is my seventh Walterdale show*. I have also done a bunch of shows at other places and Fringe shows and improv and sketch comedy and I also host burlesque shows with Capital City Burlesque but other than that I have no theatre background at all.
*(Justin was in last season’s Summer & Smokeand The Weir and in the previous season’s Love of the NightingaleWyrd Sisters, and reasons to be pretty).
Favorite Vampire movie/play other than this one, and why? I liked The Lost Boys when I was a kid. I like Shadow of a Vampire a lot.
Favorite Halloween Costume and why? When I was little my mom made me a shark costume. She even took a yard stick and stuffed a sock and shoe so that I would have a person leg sticking out of my shark mouth. I won a twix bar for that outfit!
What are you most looking forward to about this production? The effects are going to be really cool. I am looking forward to seeing how they all come together.
Photo Credits:
Upper – provided
Lower – Justin in reasons to be pretty; photo by Douglas Dollars Stewart


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