Meet Greg Cebuliak, Attendant in Dracula!

199116_4901046932_6894_nWhat is your role in Dracula? My role in Dracula is Male Attendant 1.

What brought you out for Dracula? Three things brought me out.  One, a friend of mine turns out to be assistant director and made mention that I should go to the audition.  Apparently, I’m full of expression.  Two, the play itself.  And three, the opportunity to have fun with an audition and possibly a blast with acting.

What is your background in theatre? At Walterdale? My background is minimal.  Mostly high school training with a lead performance in a Fringe play last year called The Question by Hugh Kemeny Productions.  As for Walterdale experience, this is my first time.

Favorite Vampire movie/play other than this one, and why? Favorite vampire movie was, and may not be now because I haven’t watched in years, is/was John Carpenter’s Vampires.  Was a great movie and for me introduced the idea that some “traditional” notions of vampires are not “real”.

Favorite Halloween Costume and why? Favorite?  Got dressed up as Aunt Jamima one year.  Maybe it was the cross-dressing, I don’t know.  But it was unique and landed me loads of candy.

What are you most looking forward to about this production? Looking forward to the effects and the performance overall.  I’m excited just to see how it all comes together.

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