Upcoming Show – And Then the Lights Went Out

And Then the Lights Went Out

By Andy Garland Directed by David Johnston

On Stage: October 15-25, 2014 Auditions: July 6 & 7, 2014 Guns. Secrets. Lies. Cigarettes. Sexy dames. Hulking henchmen. Smugglers. Assassins. More guns. Death. Life. More secrets. More lies. …Guns again? Sexier dames? Rain! Tension! Atmosphere! Cops. Corrupt cops. Corrupter cops. Alcohol, oh yeah, plenty of alcohol. Erm…guns? How long has it been since we did guns?

Current Auditions – Six Degrees of Separation

Six Degrees of Separation By John Guare Directed by Louise Large On Stage: December 3-13, 2014 Auditions: August 27 & 28, 2014 Book your audition today! How to book an audition: Contact Production Manager Janet MacLean at to book a time. Time slots will in groups and are based on availability. Please bring full availability / scheduling conflicts from August 30 – December 13 to the audition, as well as a headshot/resume if you have one. The auditions will be comprised of readings from the script, with specific scenes being made available for review prior to auditions. Also, copies of the script may be signed out through the Walterdale Administrator (contact Sylvia at  
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Announcing Walterdale Theatre’s 56th Season – 2014-2015

Walterdale Theatre’s Artistic Director, Adam Kuss, has announced the 56th Season of outstanding community theatre in Edmonton. Season 56 at Walterdale will explore the detective novel, family dynamics, misdirection and the struggles of love, among many other themes. One aspect of theatre that has always piqued my interest is its ability to hold a mirror up to life, to reflect part of us back on ourselves and to provoke thought and conversation by doing so. The discussions so far this year with board members, directors and other artistic team members have been nothing short of enthralling. I have no doubt that these wonderful pieces will be thoroughly enjoyed by our audiences and will provoke more than a few interesting conversations after each performance.  
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